Radiant Daggers by Iliad Terra

Iliad’s Radiant Daggers Art and NFT series is a blend of digital figurative and pop art and poetry using the comic and graphic novel genre to illuminate. The very name Radiant Daggers essential is a double entendre on the running theme throughout Iliad’s art, namely the power of words to act as resistance against the forces of dark, ergo, Radiant Daggers, or, as it were, swords of light.

In this series and the ensuing book, Iliad explores hidden, and not so hidden, aspects that have ensnared us within the material matrix and isolated us from our divine source, and divine right. Words have tremendous power, and so we through these works a continuum of a narrative that deepens our innerstanding of who we are in our journey between womb and tomb, and the infinite now before this illusory maya that nonetheless contains the spectre of our destiny and free will.

We invite you on this journey as these limited NFT’s evolve to more elaborate and interwoven cast of characters and their inherent and timeless mythos.